Double Up Food Bucks

Our farmers market will offer a program that doubles the amount of money that SNAP Card users can spend to purchase Kansas and Missouri-grown fruit and vegetables (or local as defined by the market) at participating markets. This program has the potential to increase your income at this market. 

SNAP Card users can double their benefits up to $25 per market visit in extra tokens to be used only for locally-grown fruits and vegetables. DUFB goes along with our market’s regular SNAP (EBT) card program. When customers use their EBT Card to shop at our market, they get a dollar-for-dollar match in DUFB tokens, up to $25 per market day.  

Our SNAP card currency will remain the same and can be spent on all eligible food items at the market. The DUFB tokens for 2021 are purple, are worth $1 each, and can only be used to purchase locally-grown fresh produce.  

As a vendor of other food or craft items, you are NOT eligible to accept Double Up Food Bucks, but you will still benefit from the program – we have documented that vendors of meats, baked goods, prepared foods, and other items increased their income from SNAP card sales and cash because customers were able to spend Double Up Food Bucks on fresh produce.

You may still hear customer questions about Double Up Food Bucks. Please refer customers to the market manager. DUFB is active in over 50 farmers markets in Kansas and Missouri. Customers may spend DUFB tokens at any participating market.

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact the market manager.