Vendors Directory

Aunt Nancy’s Face Art

Vendor Name: Nancy Marston
Address: 4710 SE Manitowock Dr. Berryton KS 66409
What can you find at my booth?
High quality face and body art using FDA approved products.

B&D Woodworking

Vendor Name: Del Lane
Address: 5424 NW Jennings Rd Topeka, Ks 66618
Phone: 785-286-3515
What Can you Find at My Booth?
Cedar garden planters, bird houses, bird feeders, trellis, deck rail planters, free standing planters, windmills, patio cooler & more

Berryton’s Best

Vendor Name: George Cummings & Jay Shively
Address: 2049 SW 61st St.  Berryton,  KS 66409
Phone: 785-806-0695
What can you find at my booth?
Vegetables that we grow at our farm, some farm fresh eggs and fresh flowers.

Britt’s Farm

Vendor: Richard Britt
Address: 1000 S. Scenic Dr. Manhattan, KS 66503
Phone: 785-539-1901  
What Can you Find at My Booth?
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Bedding plants and vegetable plants, Jams and Salsas, Mexican Vanilla.

CNC Wood

Vendor Name: Dave McKee
Address: 5650 86th St.  Meriden, KS 66512
Phone: 785-260-3841
What can you find at my booth?
Bagged BBQ wood and maybe some produce, okra and tomatoes

Cookies by Gayla

Vendor Name: Gayla Kirk
Address: 1801 SW Wamamaker Rd, Topeka, KS 66604
Phone: 785-478-3148
What can you find at my booth?
Gourmet Cookies, custom cookies, decorated sugar cookies, cartoon cookies, brownies, fudge, and puppy chow.

Country Creek Honey

Vendor Name: 
Address: 9491 X Rd,  Meriden, Ks  66512
Phone: 785 – 484 -3710, 785 -554 -1591 (cell)
Web Site:none

What Can you find at my booth?
Honey, creamed and/or infused honey, bees was, handmade skin care items made with beeswax (soap, lotions etc) honey straws, fruits & Vegetables as in season – limited

Creek Bottom Produce

Vendor Name: Julie Copeland
Address: 2260 Oak Rd. Perry, KS 66073
Phone: 785-597-2258
Email: None
What Can you find at my booth?
Onion, Potatos, Beets, Tomatos, Peppers, Egg Plants, Okra, Squash, Gourds, Corn,  Homemade Jams & Jellies. All produces are home grown. Assorted Jams & jellies all homemade.

Custom Purses

Vendor Name: Christine Huntsman
Company: Custom Purses
Address: 4532 NW Camden Lane Topeka, KS  66618
Phone: 785 – 230 -0086
What Can you find at my booth?
Hand crafted and quilted purses. Felted purses and other items.  I also  “repurpose” sweatters/sweatsshirts and make bags and purses. I plan to offer to offer walhangers and other hand creafted items.

David’s Herbs

David’s Herbs
David’s Herbs
David’s Herbs

Vendor Name: David & Susan Warriner
Address: Perry, KS
Phone:  785-640-9731
Facebook: David’s Herbs
What can you find at our booth?
We grow a large variety of Herb Plants and sell Fresh Herbs every Saturday. In addition to the Herbs we sell farm raised PORK/CHICKENS and Fresh eggs., ALL HORMONE FREE.
Homemade jelly is available with a selection of many HOT flavors and like the jelly your grandma made (that’s where we learned)
Seasonal veggies are grown without any chemicals/pesticides and we re-use the animal beddings for all our potting soil mixes  and garden enrichments. Come visit our booth and learn about the growing of Herbs and the many healthful uses we can share. Recipes and ideas are FREE!

DC Therapeutic Creations

Vendor Name: Darlene Bradford
Address: 3910 SE  2nd Topeka, KS 66605
Phone: 620-793-0307  785-215-8414
What can you find at my booth?
Magnetic Bracelets, necklaces, ankle bracelets, Waist belts, rings & ear rings
All magnetic are therapeutic for pain of arthritis, carpal tunnel, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, joint pain, headaches, poor circulation

Granny’s Kitchen

Vendor Name: Patsy Burke
Address: 824 Donnan St.  Council Grove,  Ks 66846
Phone: 785-438-9646
Web Site: None
What Can you find at my booth?
Plants, pastries, candies, pies, breads, cookies, produces, candles, Aprans, Hand made items, Cards, Dog biscuts & clothing

Hook and Needle

Vendor Name: Gail Sloyer
Address: 633 NW Walnut Lane Topeka, KS 66617
Phone:  785-286-2157, 785-230-0863 (cell)
 What Can you find at my booth?
A wide variety of Knit and Crochet Items. Specialty is baby/toddler attire. Stuffed animalscrafted with yarn or fabric. Fiberarts wall hangings and “rag” rugs. Household items such as hotpads, dish towels, etc. 

John’s Vegetable Products

Vendor Name: John P. Studebaker
Phone: 785-221-6015
What Can you find at my booth?
Okra, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, melons, pecans, walnuts, etc.

Kan You Say OH Yum

Vendor Name: Mary Tyler
Address: 5745 SW 69th St.  Auburn KS 66402
Phone: 401-580-8709
Web Site:
What Can you find at my booth?
Cinnamon rolls, Pies, cookies and breads. All made from scratch and always fresh.

Kathy Dollard

Vendor Name: Kathy Dollard
Address: 605 N 750 Rd.  Lawrence KS 66047
Phone: 785-691-7333
What can you find at my booth?
Asparagus, beets, potatoes, lettuce, peas, spinach, eggs, tomatoes, apple dumplins, fresh lemonade, Home made dog biscuits, Zucchini bread, Bird Houses, Root beer and orange drink, Ice tea, lemonade, eggs and more.

Kroegers Country Meat

Vendor Name: Gary Kroger
Company: Kroger Country Meats
Address: 505 Eisenhower  Lecompton,  KS 66050
Phone: 785-887-6091 
Email: None
What can you find at my booth?
Meat and Lunch Specials, Home-made Jerky & Sausages, Smoked Turkeys, Honey Glazed Spiral Cut hams, BBQ Beef & Chicken, All Meat Hot Dogs, Bacon

M & C Farms

Vendor Name: Mark Fink
Address: PO Box 750465 Topeka, KS 66615
Phone: 785-246-0461
What Can you Find at My Booth?
Vegetables – Vegetables that are in season – onion, lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, squash, corn, tomatoes, green beans, hand crafted items

Montgomery Gardens

Vendor Name: Gary Montgomery
Address: 2835 SE 45th Topeka, KS 66609
Phone: 785-862-7338
What Can you find at my booth?
We will sell annual Flowers in Hanging baskets and arrangements. We will also sell perennial flowers in 1 gallon and 4″ pots.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Vendor Name: Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Address: 134 N. Lake Topeka, KS 66616
Phone: 785-232-5088
What Can you find at my booth?
Mexican Food, American Food, plants and Veggies 

Pet Delights

Vendor Name:Patti Wilson
Business Address: 925 NW. 86th ST Topeka, Ks 66618
Phone: 785-633-7552, 785-640-2350
Website: None
What Can you find at my booth?
Pet-Delights specializes in Homemade Pet Products.  (Treats, Accessories & Toys)

Poppin & Squeeze

Vendor Name: Richard Fergison
Address: P O Box 65,  Berryton  KS  66409
Phone: 785-220-2200
What Can you find at my booth?
Poppin minis, fresh made donuts with cinnamon and sugar on them you can watch them being made. Fresh hot coffee . Fresh flavored kettle corn. And Fresh squeezed lemonade. Just look for the lemonade flags and you’ll find us. Or Look for the only The American flag at the market 20 feet up in the air.

Sodaworks LLC

Vendor Name:  Brian Adams
Address: 816 SW Anderson Terr, Topeka KS 66606
Phone: 785-817-0828
What can you find at my booth?
Soda Works is a retail of vintage, glass-bottled soda pop from around the country (including Kansas!) Popular varieties include Dad’s Root Beer, Babble Up, Green River, and Moxie!

The Tasteful Olive

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Vendor Name: Liz Coleman
Address: 2900 A Oakley, Topeka, KS 66614
Phone: Cell – 785-763-5862, Store – 785-272-7700
Web Site:
What Can you find at my booth?
Olive oils, Vinegars, Olives, Dips, Spices, Pasta and much more..

The Warriors Edge

Vendor Name: Joseph P Crowder
Address: 1419 SW Afton St. Topeka, KS  66611
Phone: 785-230-2284
 What can you find at my booth?
Sharpening Service – Knifes, Scissors, Lawn and Garden equipments.  As a member of the Downtown Topeka Farmer’s Market, we can be found at 10th St. and Topeka Blvd. every Saturday, 7:30 am to 12:00 noon, from April through November. If you drop off your items when you arrive, we will try to have your order ready by the time your done shopping. If not, we offer free delivery after the closing of the market at 12:00 noon or a place to sit in the shade while you wait.

Waterfall Resturant

Vendor Name: Rex Larrison & Katherine Terry
Address: 21748 US 75, Holton KS  666436
Phone: 785-364-3856
Web Site: none
What Can you find at my booth?´╗┐
Cinnamon Rolls, homemade Breads, Brownies, Bisquits, Handmade Wood Items.

Woodworking and More by Linda

Vendor Name: Linda Ellis
Address: 446 NE Kellam Ave.  Topeka KS 66616
Phone: 785-969-7144
What can you find at my booth?
Wooden boxes, Cars, Plains, Crosses etc.  Bottle cap necklesses, Magnets, Fresh Fruit and Veggies